The Ottawa County Barn Quilt Trail welcomes you to take a drive across Ottawa County and celebrate the art of quilting as well as the history of barns. The concept of a Barn Quilt Trail began in Southeast Ohio in 2001, and the idea has quickly spread throughout Ohio and across the country. Each Barn Quilt Trail is unique, although they all attract quilters, barn enthusiasts, artists, historians, agrarians, and other visitors to explore the unique combination of art and local barns/buildings. We hope you will discover the beauty of our county, gain insight into our agricultural roots, and uncover the many businesses and attractions Ottawa County has to offer.  While exploring our Barn Quilt Trail, look for the identification sign on each barn quilt that is a part of our trail. You are welcome to take a photo of the quilts, but we ask visitors to please respect the rights of the property owners who so generously made their buildings available for this project.  

The Ottawa County Barn Quilt Trail was a collaborative project of the Ottawa County 4-H Program and the Greater Port Clinton Area Arts Council.  

Below is a listing of the barn quilts currently in place.  You can download and print a copy of the brochure with map by clicking HERE.

1) June 24, 2017, Damschroder Hall, Ottawa County Fairgrounds, 7870 W SR 163, Oak Harbor, OH, (Salem Township), "Stars in the Attic": 









2) April 21, 2018, Diefenthaler Barn, 5805 N. Elliston Trowbridge, Martin, OH, (Benton Township), "Rings and Things":











3) July 8, 2018, Apple Barn, 2325 N. Benton-Carroll Rod, Oak Harbor, OH, (Carroll Township), "Wedding Ring":







4) April 21, 2021, The Lake Erie Islands Historical Society, 25 Town Hall Lane, Put-in-Bay, OH (Put-in-Bay Township), "Voillers".







5) September 29, 2018, Jim & Molly Sass Corn Crib Barn, 2435 E. Harbor Rd, Port Clinton, OH, (Portage Township), "Four Winds":









6) September 29, 2018, Paul & Connie Sandwisch Barn, 17402 W. SR 163, Graytown, OH, (Harris Township), "Star of Many Colors":








7) July 13, 2019, Bill & Nancy Kihlken Barn, 7275 E. Bayshore Rd, Marblehead, OH (Danbury Township), "Wild Iris":








8) July 13, 2019, Art Castillo Barn, 5791 W. Fremont Road, Port Clinton, OH, (Bay Township), "Egg Basket":








9) July 13, 2019, Ron Miller & Sheldon Miller Barn, 2794 S State Route 19, Oak Harbor, OH (Salem Township), "Ohio Star":









10) November 18, 2019, Richard & Mary Wood Barn, 17405 W. Elliston East West Road, Graytown, OH, (Benton Township), "My Four Sons":








11) November 18, 2019, Richard & Mary Wood Barn, 17405 W. Elliston East West Road, Graytown, OH, (Benton Township), "Mariners Compass":








12) July 28, 2019, NEC Properties, Inc., 3539 NE Catawba Road, Port Clinton, OH (Catawba Township), "Compass Rose":







13) July 28, 2019, Jerry Whipple Barn, 3988 N. Lickert Harder Road, Graytown, OH, (Benton Township), "Sampler Square":








14) July 28, 2019, Blakely Barn, 2608 N. Toussaint Portage, Oak Harbor, OH, (Carroll Township), "Harvest Star":








15) March 15, 2020, "54-40 or Fight" (not currently on display)




16) March 15, 2020, Robert Textor Family Barn, 6725 N. Billman Road, Curtice, OH, (Allen Township), "The Four Sisters":




17) March 15, 2020, Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge Barn, 14000 W. State Route 2, Oak Harbor, (Benton Township), "Ohio Star Flying Geese":









18) March 15, 2020, Ann & Jeff Scott Barn, 1355 N. Carroll Erie Road, Port Clinton, OH, (Erie Township), "Labyrinth Star":









19) July 3, 2020, Ed & Judy Dewitz Barn, 10375 W. Genzman Road, Oak Harbor, (Carroll Township), "Friendship Star":









20) July 19, 2020, Shirley Beck Barn, 8601 W. Mudcreek Road, Oak Harbor, (Salem Township), "Double Square":









21) July 19, 2020, Shirley Beck Barn, 2375 S. St. Rte 19, Oak Harbor, (Salem Township), "Three In One":









22) July 19, 2020, Tony & Ann Valasek Barn, 2100 N. Opfer-Lentz Road, Martin, (Clay Township), "Morning Blossom":









23) June 2017, The Trainer Family, Jeff & Andrea Trainer Family, 21267 W. Holts East Rd, Genoa, (Clay Township), "Mariner's Compass":









24) January 23, 2021, Bernard Knoble Barn, 469 Church Road, Marblehead (Danbury Township), "Floating Point"









25) January 23, 2021, Norma Kihlken Barn, 1450 S. Danbury Road, Port Clinton (Danbury Township), "Sunbonnet Sue"









26) January 23, 2021, Darryl & Diane Traver Barn, 24091 St. Rte. 579, Curtice (Allen Township), "Tree of Life"









27) January 23, 2021, Tom & Marilyn Riedeman Family Barn, 2819 N. Reiman Road, Genoa (Clay Township), "Mariner's Star"









28) May 2, 2021, Terry & Carol Tabbert, 16631 W. Walbridge E. Rd., Graytown (Benton Township), "Patriotic Flag"









29) May 2, 2021, Jessica Brough, 2990 N. Behlman Rd, Oak Harbor (Carroll Township), "Starburst"









30) May 2, 2021, Harder Family Farm, 3827 S. Four Mile House Rd., Oak Habor (Salem Township), "Corn and Beans"









31) May 2, 2021, Don & Marcia Jess, 590 N. Caroll Erie Rd., Port Clinton (Salem Township), "Stepping Stones"









32) May 2, 2021, Phyllis Bensch, 336 N. Lickert Harder Rd., Oak Harbor (Benton Township), "Grandma's Flower Garden"